Special Interest Workshops

Increasing social and civic competencies
through dramatic art and theatre

30 March – 4 April 2018
Athens, Greece


The aim of the training is to support participants in getting a better understanding and useful tools to enhance their communication and creative speech skills and to increase their competencies in instruction through artistic and dramatic methods and prose texts.

Expected Outcomes

  • Improvement of social responsiveness, including acknowledgement of the respective of others, participation and cooperation in groups.
  • Development of social, language and speech skills.
  • Knowledge acquisition of analysing emotion recognition, emotion expression, nonverbal behaviors and gestures, listening skills, eye contact, conversation skills, and strategies to handle social situations.
  • Upgrading coaching approaches in gestural communication, verbal expression, interest in and concern for the well-being of others, and collaboration with group members to achieve a common goal.

Provisional Agenda

Day 1: Non verbal communication: Definition, facets, methods, activities for development, proposals for further improvement in the future.

Day 2: The developmental role of culture for local and national communities: Introduction on the diverse benefits of amateur and professional cultural industry. Field visit in a Cultural Centre.

Day 3: Verbal communication: Analysis and synthesis of a text, reading techniques, creative presentation of a text.

Day 4: Scene staging techniques and paraphernalia.

Agenda is provisional and may be adjusted to match the participants’ specific needs

Practical information

The training course is a four-day workshop and will take place from 30 March to 4 April 2018 in Athens, Greece. Total number of participants is limited to 12. Eligible applicants are only those coming from Erasmus+ EU Programme Countries.

An attendance fee of €70 per day per participant has to be prepaid.

Application deadline: 01 March 2018

Clarifications and general inquiries: info@octanous.eu and (+30) 210 33 12 473‬