Eight for Great

September 2017 – February 2018

Octanous, in close collaboration with the social cooperative enterprise (SCE) Pramata & Thamata and 9 agencies from respective EU countries, carried out the Eight for Great (EfG) project. 50 youth workers and youth professionals, coming from 10 different EU countries have been participated in a ten-day long (02-12 November 2017) training course in Kalamata Messinias (7 days) and Athens (3 days).

The Eight for Great training course generated the most convenient environment for promoting three European initiatives, i.e. the European Framework for the Key Competences for LLL, the Youth Guarantee Scheme and the European Solidarity Corps, and offered the opportunity to participating youth workers and youth professionals to create an informal, yet functional, network that may multiply the number and upgrade the quality of youth exchange projects.

Eight for Great slideshow

The participants were trained in various topics in order to be able, inter alia, to:

  • Promote and demonstrate the need and benefits of European cooperation
  • Develop and solidify relations of multicultural collaboration in the youth field
  • Identify ways for promoting and/or applying the Youth Guarantee Scheme and the European Solidarity Corps in a youth exchange project
  • Gain knowledge of the European Framework of Key Competences for Lifelong Learning and to valorise its content in youth work
  • Improve their capacity in realising practical creative workshops within youth exchange projects
  • Develop communication and social skills

They had also the opportunity to get acquainted with the national parliamentary institutions by visiting the Hellenic Parliament and guided in its premises and exhibitions.

Training course agenda

The main contents and activities of the training course were:

  • Provide information on Youth Guarantee Scheme and on the structure of EURES Network, as well as on the European Solidarity Corps.
  • Promote the context of the European Framework of 8 Key Competences and offer the chance to the participants to get acquainted with its substance.
  • Participation in working groups, learning how to work in a multinational and multilingual environment.
  • Develop presentation, oral reporting and discussion in plenary skills.
  • Familiarisation with the substance of the Youth Pass Certificate.
  • Acquire knowledge on how to design and manage multilateral youth exchange projects
  • Widen the understanding with the content and learning outcomes of diverse creative workshops and non-formal learning activities.
  • Participation in study and field visits and contact making with local realities of the hosting and participating countries.

Attending tutors

The training course was carried out with the invaluable support of the tutors:

  • Nikolopoulou Stauroula (representative of Greek Manpower Employment Organisation/OAED)
  • Τsata Katerina & Ms. Damoulati Kontantina (Red Cross trainers)
  • Koromila Evagelia (Teacher)
  • Soulantikas Nikolaos (ICT)
  • Balaska Maria (Teacher)
  • Dikaioulakos Basilis (physics teacher, vice-president of Union of physics professors)
  • Malapanis Antonis (Teacher)
  • Chatzopoulou Sissi (Lawyer)
  • Giannakea Georgia (representative of Culdea)
  • Mavrea Georgia (music teacher, representative of Faris)
  • Papaefstathiou Basilis (civil engineer, architect)
  • Giftakis Stathis (musician, director of Municipal Music School)


  • Coordinator: Octanous NPCP – Greece
  • Co-organiser: Pramata & Thamata SCE – Greece


  • Hrvatska skola Outward Bound – Croatia
  • Lakatamia Municipality – Cyprus
  • Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus – Estonia
  • Debreceni Nyári Egyetem NP. KH. Kft. – Hungary
  • ComeUnaMarea Onlus – Italy
  • Maltas vidusskola – Latvia
  • Foundation CHADOO – Poland
  • Asociatia de Turism Ecologic CAMENA – Romania
  • Základná škola – Slovakia

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The project is co-funded by Erasmus+ of the European Union