About Octanous

Octanous is a non-profit making organization. Its strategic objective is the promotion and realization of the European Reference Framework for Eight Key Competences for Lifelong Learning, as they have been described in the European Union’s Recommendation 2006/962 /EC. It is aimed at  supporting  collective benefit and serving broader social interests. It strives, in particular through cooperation and collective efforts of its members and collaborators nationwide and beyond, to promote employment and to contribute to European social, cultural, educational and tourism policies. It is involved in areas that strengthen the social and cultural integration, education and empowerment of citizens in active and democratic participation. It looks for the development of arts, sport and physical activity, the preservation of cultural heritage, the raising of awareness on environmental issues and recycling, the promotion of traditional products and alternative forms of tourism for disadvantaged social groups such as the elderly, the organization of cultural events and the production of media and paper publications.

Octanous is active in the following fields:

  • Cultural and resource attracting events
  • Festivals and exhibitions
  • Actions for social intervention and social entrepreneurship
  • Information and dissemination services for agencies and the public
  • Publications
  • Management of exchanges and mobility for education
  • Services for social tourism training
  • Training, management and evaluation of European Commission projects
  • Organization of stagecraft workshops: theatrical costumes, puppetry, masks, renovating old-fashioned clothes and T-shirts to new fashioned, art with discarded or natural materials.
  • Organization of workshops for elocution, narration, creative reading, acting, expression and communication
  • Production of movies, animated cartoons, digital media, printed works and books, illustrated scripts, lyrics, dramatization of myths and literature.
  • Stage direction, production of drama performances
  • Training courses for youth leaders, tour guides and social workers.